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Yilong Tattoo Supply Co.,Ltd

 Yilong carries on pro tattoo supplies for tattooing. At Yilong,you will find out the guaranteed quality,pricings for your ultimate tattooing as well as our professional services.


Premade Tattoo Needles

A full line of premium configuration of premade needles,applied with the 316L Surgical Stainless Steel,EO gas Sterilized.

Your premium essential supplies for your outline,shader,coloring tattoo works.


Tattoo Machines

No matter the handmade conventional coil machines,or the quality rotary tattoo machines,you will find the right ones at your trusted Yilong facility.


Disposable and Medical Supply for Safe Tattooing

Tattoo is a remarkable and serious art,no kidding on the supplies we are working.Yilong offers you the trusted and safe disposable tubes,tips,ink caps,and other medical grade supplies.


Tattoo Kits

YILONG also offers versatility kits for Apprentices,Masters' needs and luxurious supplies as well.


We fully appreciate your supports,feedbacks and any advices,that would all help us do the better and best.






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